• oranges on tree


    Vitamin C - Collagen's best friend

    The anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C are widely known. Research has shown that vitamin C can help repair the skin and fight the effects of aging by stimulating collagen and fighting free radicals.

  • bearberries bush


    Bearberry - A natural remedy
    for oily skin

    Our line of bearberry products was developed to address a range of skin concerns from oily-congested skin, teen skin, or acneic skin conditions to hyper-pigmented skin.

  • john masters men line billboard


    The Lowdown on the High Line

    Back in December of 2012, John Masters Organics erected its very first outdoor billboard to launch our new 2-in-1 Men’s Skincare Line. What better place to put it, than in full view of New York City’s High Line park?