Ingredient Glossary

Thickening agent harvested sustainably from Acacia Senegal trees offers hair volume and hold.


Packed with folic acid, vitamins a, c, and e, which are natural antioxidants, it nourishes, soothes, and moisturizes hair and skin.



Infused with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins a, c, and e that offer emollient properties to help hair and skin feel soft and hydrated.


More monounsaturated fatty acids than extra virgin olive oil. It delivers a blast of moisture to nourish and help strengthen hair strands.

A mild, yet effective oil derived from rapeseeds. Conditions and helps for a better comb-through on wet hair.



Packed with purifying properties, it offers a soothing, comforting scent known to relieve tension.

Blood Orange

A unique citrus containing anthocyanins, the flavonoids that give plants their red, purple, and blue coloring, which act as powerful antixidants offering protection from free radicals.

Conditioning and soothing properties for smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair and skin.


Believed for centuries to promote healthy hair follicles, improving overall scalp condition and battling dryness and flakiness.

Cetyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

A solvent and thickening agent composed of cetyl alcohol, commonly derived from coconut and palm oils, and hydroxyethyl cellulose, a naturally occuring compound derived from cellulose, which is found in almost all plants.



Long considered a household cure-all. Soothes dry skin, creates a moisture barrier, and can be used to cleanse, deep-condition, and add luster.

Helps to balance, soothe, and refresh oily and dry skin. Full of antioxidants and used for centuries as a natural toner for glowing radiant skin.

Glyceryl Stearate SE

A natural humectant typically derived from palm kernel, vegetable, or soy oil that helps hair and skin retain moisture.



High in antioxidants, making it ideal to help balance and refresh skin for a glowing complexion. It has the added delightful benefit of a relaxing and calming aroma.

Green Tea

High level of antioxidants help nourish and offer protection from free radicals to keep skin and hair looking healthy longer.

Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

Conditioning and detangling ingredient derived from guar beans. Gives hair that smooth, silky look and feel we all know, love...and want.


Provides both nutrients and an intoxicating scent. Ultra-moisturizing and helps maintain a healthy scalp and bring radiance back to dry or damaged hair.


A magic natural moisturizer and humectant that gives hair a blast of nutrients.


High antioxidant and purifying content promotes a healthy scalp, while a high silica content strengthens existing strands to give hair a boost of body and shine.

This red algae is known as a natural detoxifier. High mineral content lends to its natural ability to soothe and calm for a healthy scalp condition.

Resembles the body’s own sebum, acting as a natural conditioner by sealing in moisture to help relieve dry, damaged hair and skin.

Known as the ultimate soothing botanical. Hydrates, calms, and nourishes hair and skin.


A combination of vitamins a, c, and e offer multi-level protection from free radicals while contributing to healthy cells at the dermal and epidermal level. Known to help balance oily hair follicles by absorbing excess oil.

Known as queen of the meadow and used for centuries as an herbal remedy, it’s believed to have powerful purifying properties that aide in scalp health and healthy hair.


Moringa seed

A natural protectant against environmental pollutants known for it’s abundance of nutrients and antioxidants.

An essential oil drawn from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, neroli adds an uplifting citrusy aroma, while its purifying properties help soothe skin and hair.


An herbaceous flowering plant, nettle is known for promoting healthy hair folicles and an optimal scalp conditon.

Rich in vitamins a and e, as well as antioxidants, olive oil protects the keratin in hair and enhances strength and shine. It’s extremely hydrating, binding moisture to the skin, and offers protection from free radicals.

Rich in essential fatty acids and known to eliminate buildup, it’s believed to stimulate the scalp and offer a refreshing cooling effect.


Powerful antioxidant helps rejuvenate, hydrate, and improve skin elasticity.

Potassium Sorbate

A naturally-occuring, water-soluble salt used as a preservative to help products last longer.



Herbaceous flowering plant, also called a suncup or sundrop, contains high levels of gamma linolenic acid, which helps nourish hair and scalp.

As an oil, it offers an inviting scent. As an extract or water, it’s known for its powerful ability to replenish lost moisture for soft, smooth, hydrated hair and skin.


With natural antioxidant properties, it’s an excellent detoxifier that cleanses and purifies the scalp. Also known to add volume and shine to hair, and help reduce the appearance of dark spots on skin.

Packed with antioxidant and purifying properties, it’s known to help soothe and relieve dryness, while stimulating the scalp and strengthening hair strands.

Sea Salt

Responsible for the beachy waves and texture you’re craving, it simultaneously locks in existing moisture while also absorbing any excess oil for that perfectly undone look.

Sodium Benzoate

A naturally-occuring, water-soluble salt used as a preservative to help products last longer.


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

A gentle, coconut-derived surfactant prized for its ability to dissolve water into oil which leads to amazing cleansing benefits.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

A coconut-derived surfactant known as a super foam for its incredible lathering abilities.



Loaded with menthol and purifying properties, it’s known to stimulate for optimal scalp health.

Natural stimulant offers a healthy tingle while detoxifying for overall scalp health.


With antioxidant, purifying, and soothing properties, vanilla can calm and soothe skin while providing a refreshingly sweet scent.

Natural element helps reduce dryness, protect the scalp, and can be used as a natural shield from the sun.