the lowdown

the lowdown

16th Jan 2013

john masters men line's billboard in New York

on the high line

folks relaxing in Manhattan
Relaxing on Manhattan’s West Side

B capital letterack in December of 2012, John Masters Organics erected its very first outdoor billboard to launch their new 2-in-1 Men’s Skincare Line.

What better place to put it, than in full view of New York City’s, newly constructed and still expanding High Line Park? Built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side, the High Line opened its “doors” in the summer of 2011.

This unique public space is open year round for everyone to enjoy, tourists and locals alike. Featuring events, live music and holiday festivities, the High Line Park is always bustling with activity year round.

The opening has also brought a bigger sense of community, especially to Manhattan’s West Side. Businesses and residents alike volunteer and donate to ensure the park is well maintained and continues to thrive.

Chelsea Market
At Chelsea Market you find some of the best organic eats Manhattan has to offer

The High Line runs through 3 of Manhattan’s most charismatic and thriving neighborhoods: the Meat Packing District, West Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. All filled with art galleries, design studios, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, museums and residences. Connecting all the best that Manhattan has to offer.

One of my favorite places under the High Line? Chelsea Market! Stretching from 9th to 10th Avenue and 15th to 16th Street. This former NaBisCo factory boasts some of the best organic eats Manhattan has to offer. A few of my favorites? Why, I thought you’d never ask.

Milk form Ronnybrook Dairy organic farm
Milk from Ronnybrook organic farm
Ice cream in cartons
Ice cream from Ronnybrook Dairy organic farm
Ice cream in cones
Mind-blowing organic ice cream